How To Store Your Gun Safely – 8 Important Points

Having guns in your home is not a bad thing at all because they can be used for sports, hunting, self defense, and as a theft and burglary deterrent too. That being said, of course guns are not toys, they are tools and very dangerous ones at that. You need to follow some strict rules and regulations in order to keep your guns stored safely.

Storing your gun safely has 2 benefits of course, those being that the gun won’t get damaged and more importantly that no one will use the gun when they shouldn’t be, not to mention that proper storage will stop a gun from going off unintentionally. Before we get started the most important rule that you always need to follow is store all of your firearms and ammunition separately. There are a few more tips on storing your gun safely so let’s get right to it.

1. No Ammo

The most obvious way to store your guns safely is to never store it while it is loaded as this can cause accidents to happen and your gun to fire unintentionally. Always make sure that the magazine is not in the gun and that there are not bullets or shells in the chamber. Also an extra precaution that you can take is to make sure that the magazine of your gun does also not have any ammunition in it.

2. Trigger Locks

One of the best things that you can do to store your gun safely is to purchase a trigger lock for it. Sometimes your gun may come with a trigger lock included, but if it doesn’t you are going to want to buy one. Trigger locks include a housing that covers the trigger area so that the gun cannot be fired when the lock is on it. It should be noted that the trigger lock should never be put on your gun when the firearm is loaded because that risks having the gun fire. A cheap alternative to the trigger lock is to use a padlock and lock it behind the trigger so that it can’t be pulled. Trigger locks usually only cost a maximum of 15 dollars.

3. Cable Locks

Another option that you can go with to prevent the gun from firing and even from being loaded is a cable lock. A cable lock runs a cable through the action and the barrel so the action can’t be closed and the gun can’t be loaded unless the cable lock is removed.

4. Gun Cases

You can get either a soft side or hard side case to store your gun in when the firearm is not in use. These cases are mainly meant for portability purposes when transporting your gun however they also serve well as methods to keeping your gun locked up safely. These gun cases are usually meant for transportation and keeping the gun safe, however you can use a padlock or some other kind of locking mechanism to lock the gun in the case so no one except the key holder has access to it.

Here is a case that we recommend.

5. Metallic Gun Cases

You can always go or something like a metallic gun case which is a great midpoint between a portable hard plastic case and a straight up gun safe. Metallic gun cases are great because they are heavy duty and will keep your gun safe on the inside, not to mention that they come with advanced locking mechanism to make sure that unintended people can’t open them. On the other hand they are still small enough to be portable and some even come with a built in wall mounting mechanism too.

6. Gun Safes

Gun safes are probably the best way to keep your guns safe and to keep them from being used unintentionally. You will want to be very careful when considering which gun safe you get to keep your firearms safe because they are usually very expensive and have different features. Of course these things are great because unless a person has the combination, code, or the key for the safe, nobody is going to be able to get into it.

Furthermore gun safes come in a variety of gauges (wall thickness), have various different locking mechanisms, rack configuration options, and levels of fire resistance. Gun safes are also great because the interior is padded and comes with special gun racks to keep your firearms from getting scratched or aging badly. Also the fire resistance of gun safes ensures that your rifles won’t burn in a fire and that the ammunition won’t discharge in case of a fire, or if it does discharge it won’t make it through the walls of the safe.

7. No Moisture

One of the things that you always want to be sure of when storing your firearm is that you don’t store it in a place that is overly moist or humid it may become corroded and the integrity of your gun will decrease. Corrosion is a big threat to guns and ammunition so you want to make sure that they aren’t exposed to moisture when being stored.

8. A Locked Room

Ideally you should have several layers of protection to stop people from unintentionally or purposefully using your gun when it shouldn’t be in use. Therefore you should always put your gun safe, cabinet, or locked gun cases in a locked room where only you have the key. This is especially important if you have children around.

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