Night Vision Scope Review – Armasight CO-MR-SD

The Armasight CO-MR-SD Night Vision Scope is considered one of the most advanced night vision systems able to shoot during at night and over great distances. This uniquely designed scope stands high above the competition when it comes to the reliability, versatility, value, function and clarity of this scope.

It provides excellent and precise target acquisition as well as aiming capabilities and it has the ability to convert the day time scope into a night vision scope. There are many individuals who use this scope beneficially and professionally, including military, law enforcement, sports shooters, varmint hunters, and any type of security personnel.

This night vision technology was built using the most recent and latest advancements making the Armashight CO-MR-SD Night Vision Scope one of the best on the market.

It is designed as a clip-on which allows the user to easily attach and detach from the item on which it is mounted. When an individual is using this scope it helps them to maintain their shooting system and provides them constant eye relief as well.





So, when it comes to the Armasight CO-MR-SD Night Vision Scope there are so many reasons why this product is one the best to consider. With the clarity of precise images while looking through this scope and incredible experience it is a definite buy when you are in the market for a scope.

It has the most amazing optics for hunting, the night vision is incredibly advanced, you will have a clear view that reaches up to 200 yards, it has the perfect amount of gain control and it only takes a matter of seconds to switch from day to night mode.

For the level of quality that you’ll get from this night vision scope the price is completely worth the purchase. There are so many amazing aspects and features to this night vision scope that you will not be able to believe how much it costs.

The quick attach and release is what makes this one the popular item that it is in the technology market. The multitude of features are more than anyone could pass up.

Possible Alternatives

Even though the Armasight is considered to be the most recommended scope on the market there are other possible alternatives that work about as well as it.

Alternatives such as the Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3X42mm Night Vision Scope, Armasight Predator Thermal Imaging Night Vision Scope, ATN Night Arrow Night Vision Scope, Armasight Zeus-Pro Night Vision Scope, Gemtune Digital Night Vision Scope, ATN Generation Night Vision Scope, and the Armasight ORION 5X Night Vision Scope are all alternative night vision scopes that will work the same or just about the same as the CO-MR-SD.

If there is something about this scope that doesn’t appeal to you then one of these night vision scopes should be a good alternative instead.

There is a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to night vision scopes that are very close to the way the Armasight is designed.


When I first purchased the CO-MR-SD Scope I knew right away that this was the scope that was for me. I had used many scopes before but they just didn’t fit, were no help and practically useless.

ow that I have this night vision scope I have never been happier or more satisfied with a night vision scope in my life. It provided me with everything the details and features said it would. I have been using scopes to hunt for many years now and after purchasing the Armasight Night Vision Scope I won’t be turning around and going back to any other.

I know that if there are any other individuals out there who are looking to purchase a scope that will be able to deliver everything they’re looking for in a scope then the Armasight CO-MR-SD Night Vision Scope is a great choice.

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