How To Improve Your Shooting Accuracy Without Using A Scope

Shooting with a top quality long range scope is pretty easy because after all that’s what a scope is meant for. Shooting without a scope is certainly harder than shooting with one and using the iron sights can definitely be a challenge, especially for beginner shooters. It’s not something that is easily mastered, but we have a few tips that can help you improve your shooting without using a scope.

The Basics

The first way we can help you get better at shooting with iron sights is to give you a little run don of the basics. Your iron sights will generally consist of the triangle or point at the front as well as the grooves at the back. Sometimes the front triangle or point will be encircled and this may be the case with the back too.

At any rate, you want to line up both of the sights, the front and back, so they are lined up with your target. The front triangle or point should line up perfectly with the middle of the groove on the back of the sight. The sight at the front of the barrel is the sight used primary for aiming at your target, however the front and back need to be lined up.

A Little Higher!

One of the things to keep in mind when aiming with iron sights is that your aiming point will be slightly higher than the point of impact of your bullet. This is because the sights are of course slightly higher up than the barrel itself. To compensate for this slight variation all you have to do is to aim slightly higher with the sights.

The further away the target is the close to the actual point of impact you will want to aim and the closer it is the further away from the actual point of impact is where you want to aim. This is not something we can really teach you on paper and to get the feeling for how much adjustment needs to be made due to the difference in height of the barrel and the sights you will have to go through some trial and error.

Make Sure The Sights Are Lined Up

Most iron sights can be adjusted in terms of their height and their horizontal positioning in order to make adjustments to your aiming. You will need a pair of needle nose pliers to adjust the iron sights on most rifles and hand guns. You need to make sure that the front triangle or point of the sight is perfectly lined up with the center of the groove at the rear of the sights and that is true for both the horizontal and vertical positioning.

The very top of the front tip or triangle needs to be at the very centre of the groove in terms of its horizontal position. When you look through the back sights from straight behind them the top tip of triangle needs to be perfectly lined up to fit into the groove if they were put on top of each other.

You also need to make sure that the horizontal positioning of the sights are lined up with the barrel itself. Of course, shooting your gun using iron sights if they aren’t pointing in the exact same direction as the muzzle means you aren’t going to be hitting very much.

Lining Up The Shot

When taking your shot, if you want to be more accurate, you need to make sure that everything is pointed in one straight line. Imagine 4 separate pieces of wood all spaced out and behind each other. The wood pieces aren’t touching but when you put a level on them they are all perfectly straight and lined up.

The same goes for the 4 points of shooting, those being the target, the front sight, the back sight, and your eye or eye line. Your eye needs to be perfectly level with the rear sight, which needs to be line up with the front sight, and ultimately with the target, all on one level plane.

Support Your Shot

By supporting your shot what e mean to say is that shooting while standing up is far more difficult due to the fact that holding perfectly still, especially when holding something in our hands, is quite difficult. Shooting down on one knee or better yet from a prone position will give you stability and will also help you line up the shot better. If necessary you can use something like a sand bag or even a tripod to give you the stability and support that you need to make that hard shot without using a scope.


Shooting with iron sights isn’t easy and it’s something that you will have to practice to get a hold of. On a side note, shooting with one eye closed or both eyes open is something that is disputed all over. Some people have an easier time focusing on the target with one eye closed, however general knowledge would tell us that we shouldn’t be closing an eye due to the awareness of our surroundings. Just like with all other aspects of shooting with iron sights, this is something that you will have to figure out for yourself.

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