EOTech 512 Review – Is It The Best Holographic Scope?

There are many different kinds of scopes or rifle sights that can be used, today we are going to do a EOTech 512 Review to take a closer look to help you decide if it’s the best scope for you.

Some of the best scopes that many people prefer are holographic scopes. There are several reasons for this which we will discuss in this review of the EOTech 512, which is in fact the particular holographic scope that we are here to talk about today. Having the right scope can make the difference between a kill shot and a miss so having the one that works best for you is essential to success.

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The EOTech 512 Review

EOTech 512 Review

This is a fantastic sight for anyone to use for a number of different reasons. The first reason that this scope makes for a great choice is because it is very durable and rugged. The front lens on the EOTech 512 is made out of an eighth of an inch of solid glass and the back lens is made out of shatter proof laminate.

This ensures that the lenses will not break and will stay whole when the rifle is fired. Both the rear and the front lenses have a special anti-glare coating to compensate for strong sunshine or bad light conditions. The whole scope is coated with an aluminum coating to ensure that it will last for ages.

Another really great part about this scope is that it has an extremely long battery life. This scope can run off of 2 double A batteries for up to 1000 hours of use. The length of the battery life does of course depend on the brightness setting on the sight.


This is a much better battery life than most other holographic scopes can offer. When it comes to the brightness of the reticle, this sope is fantastic because you can choose between 30 different brightness settings to compensate for different light and weather conditions. Another great part about this scope is that the double A batteries account for most of the weight of this scope.

That is excellent because the whole scope weighs under three quarters of a pound and is very lightweight. Having a light weight scope is very important for people who are going to be doing a lot of travelling with their rifle, not to mention that having a lighter scope makes aiming the rifle much easier.

The next fantastic feature of the EOTech 512 is that it is water proof and fog proof. The entire interior of the optic has been flooded with nitrogen and sealed air tight to prevent fog and prevent water from getting in. The only way moisture can be let into the interior of the optic is if it is cracked or damaged, but that is not easily done when it comes to this scope.


The special sealant also makes sure that the EOTech 512 is water proof to a depth of 10 feet underwater. This may seem like a little bit of over kill, but then again these sights were designed for military use, which means that being water proof is quite important.

This scope is great because it also gets rid of the parallax problem up to a great distance and the aiming point will barely change with eye movement. The EOTech 512 is a very tactical scope because it has a circle as the holograph with a red dot in the middle for perfect and quick target acquisition. The dot is actually a very precise at 1 MOA and the circle serves to delimit the 65 MOA. This is a very great sight because the MOA can be adjusted in half clicks at half an inch per click at 100 yards.

The EOTech 512 is also very convenient to use because it fits a standard weaver style dovetail mount and is also compatible with Picatinny rails. This scope is very easy to mount as well as to dismount for greater versatility when you are out hunting or even in a combat situation. When it comes to scopes holographic ones are definitely preferable and this one is the best holographic scope you are going to find, which is exactly why we decided to do an EOTech 512 review.

This scope is an excellent choice for any rifle enthusiast or hunter because it can accurately shoot up to 350 yards in various conditions.


What Is A Holographic Scope?

A Holographic scope is actually one of the more recently developed types of scopes and interestingly enough the holographic scope was actually create by EOTech in the late 1990s, the very company that made the scope we are reviewing today, which is actually one of the main reasons that we decided to do an EOTech 512 review. A holographic scope unlike many others does not actually magnify the image, but it does make it a lot easier to see and focus on.

With a holographic scope the user looks through a glass pane where they see a reticle image that is superimposed over the desired field of view. The hologram on the reticle is actually built into the glass pane and is lit up by an LED laser diode. Holographic scopes are most commonly used for tactical reasons and military applications. They have most often been used on rifles such as the M4 and the AR 15 and have recently been employed in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Even though these rifle scopes were originally designed for tactical and combat situations they have recently become very popular for hunting as well because they are very accurate and easy to use.

Final Thoughts On The EOTech 512

There is a good reason we decided to do an EOTech 512 review and it is because it is an absolutely fantastic rifle sight. This sight is very easy to mount and dismount, it provides for great accuracy, it is very durable and can withstand many different conditions including being underwater, it’s lightweight and it provides for great accuracy. You really couldn’t find a better holographic sight than the EOTech 512.

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