Best Tree Stand For Hunting Reviews

Something that you need to get the job done in most cases, especially when hunting deer or larger game, is a tree stand. Today we are here to talk about our top pick for the best tree stand for hunting as well as some really close runner ups. We’re going to review all of our choices, talk about them a little bit, and give you some tips on using a tree stand too. Let’s get right to it!

Our Top Pick And What We Think Is The Best Tree Stand For Hunting

Here is our favorite and our top pick based on quality, price and performance.

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

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This is in our opinion one of the best tree stand for hunting to consider and there are a good number of reasons for that. First of all, when you are up in a tree you want to be sure that the tree stand is going to hold up and not fall out from underneath you. This means that it needs to be strong and stable. Thanks to the durable aluminum design of this tree stand you can be sure that it isn’t going to bend or break under you.

That being said this tree stand is a little heavy, coming in at just over 20 pounds, but as any hunter will tell you, they would rather have a slightly heavier tree stand because they know that at least it’s durable and will keep them up in the trees. The Summit features a solid front bar that makes climbing into it much easier, not to mention that it can also be used as a nifty little gun rest.

Speaking of staying upright in the trees, the Sumit Tree Stand has a set of specially designed cables that firmly plant the tree stand in the tree. The set of cables are big, bulky, thick, and built to last so you know that whenever you strap them on they aren’t going to give out. The straps combined with the tree stand are so strong that it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight; that’s a quite big load!

Something else that is really convenient about this tree stand when compared to others is that it is very portable because it can fold up into a neat and compact package that can be attached to your backpack using the specially designed carrying straps and clips to make carrying it that much easier. The summit is also very comfortable too.

The padded backrest is ergonomically designed for comfort in order to accommodate long hunting trips, plus the backrest can be adjusted to make hunting with both bows and rifles easier than ever.


4 Other Great Hunting Tree Stands

1. Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

This is another fantastic choice when it comes to getting the best tree stand around. One of the best features when it comes to the Lone Wolf Tree Stand is that it is very portable. This tree stand folds up into a package that is no thicker than 4 inches and that means carrying it through the woods is easy, not to mention that it makes climbing a tree much easier too.

On that same note, the compact and easy to open/close feature of this tree stand mean that you can get into the tree and set it up or get out of the tree and take it down with ease; it literally only takes a few minutes, something that is important for getting out of a tree when it’s starting to get dark outside.

The Lone Wolf is also great because it was specially designed with camouflage and noise reducing materials in order to be as quiet as possible so that you won’t scare away your prey before you get a chance to take a shot at it. This tree stand is also very comfortable thanks to the double padded foam seat which makes sitting for hours on end pain free and as comfortable as can be.

Another thing that makes climbing into this tree stand much easier than ever before is the sit and climb bar which can pivot up and down for easy access to the stand. Of course you can count on the durability of the Lone Wolf thanks to its high quality design. It weighs 20 pounds which makes carrying it pretty easy, and the solid metal stand has the ability to carry up to 350 pounds, making it one of the strongest around.

And just in case you were worried about falling out of the tree, that doesn’t need to be a concern because the patented 6 point safety harnesses wrap around the tree at several points to ensure optimal stability. This tree stand is especially good for bow hunters because it has a bow holder which can fit most vertical limbed bows with ease.


2. Best Choice Hunt Portable Tree Stand Climber with Harness

This tree stand comes courtesy of Best Choice Products and it’s definitely a great choice thanks to a good number of features. First of all the whole stand is made out of heavy duty steel meant to withstand pretty much anything and unless you weight more than 300 pounds this really shouldn’t be a problem.

With this tree stand you can rest assured that it’s not going to send you crashing down to the ground.
Another reason that we chose the Best Choice Products Hunting Portable Tree Stand Climber is because it has a great padded bottom and back rest which means that this tree stand is great for those long haul hunting trips where you spend a lot of time sitting down.

Speaking of the padding, the padded climbing bar and arms rests make for a really easy and safe climb up into the stand. This is good because it enables the hunter to be quiet in order to not scare away any animals that are up for being barbequed.

This tree stand is also one of our top choices because it isn’t too heavy and it also folds together into a compact size that is easy to carry around. To make carrying this tree stand even easier it also has a padded back and shoulder straps to make it extra-comfortable.

Of course this particular tree stand is also very safe because it comes with a patented system of tree harnesses and metal locking mechanisms with bars that firmly lock the stand into place without fear of having it slip down the tree. Not only is the Best Choice Products Tree Stand really safe and secure, it is also very easy to put up and take down, making this one of our top picks for hunting tree stands this year.


3. Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand

The Monster Tree Stand is definitely one of our tops picks for hunting stands this year because it has some really neat features that make it stand out, in fact this one comes in a very close second to our top pick. One of the best aspects of this tree stand is that it features patented technology that eliminates the need for a bunch of harnesses, ropes, and buckles to stay upright.

The special tech is called the CamLock Reviever System and it’s much easier than setting up most other tree stands. All you have to do to get the Monster set in place is to attach the CamLock Receiver Loop firmly to the tree with one simple rope and then insert the bar. Once the receiver is on the tree all you have to do is get the Millennium Monster up there and slide it over the bar to secure it to the tree. The genius about this CamLock technology is that you can install multiple receivers on different trees for quick mounting when you want to change spots.

Another fantastic part about this particular tree stand is that it has a special leveling system in order to level out the platform and the chair once the Monster is in the tree. This makes it much safer to stand on and it also makes it far easier to place the Millennium Tree Stand in tricky or crooked spots on the tree. This tree stand is perfect for people who often experience trouble mounting a tree stand on a tree.

Both of the previously mentioned features also make the Monster really quiet during the setup which of course is great so you don’t scare away any animals you may be hunting. The next thing that we liked about this model is that it has a fantastic seat. First off it has something called a ComfortMAX seat which is ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible for long periods of sitting; it has that lumbar support!

The comfort isn’t the only reason we like the chair though. It’s also really great because the seat itself can fold up and back so you can stand up for your shot when you need to, making the Monster a very good choice. Not only that, but the seat is also adjustable in terms of height for maximum versatility.

Of course the whole thing is also very safe and is made of a powder coated aluminum finish which is very rugged and durable, can stand up to the harsh outdoor elements, and can also withstand up to 300 pounds of weight being on it at once. The Monster also has a fairly large standing platform which makes it both safer and easy to use for standing shots.


4. Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand

This is the final tree stand that came in at a close second place, that being said The Guide Gear Hunting Hang On Tree Stand definitely did not come in last. One of the reasons that we liked this particular model so much is because it is very lightweight. It comes in at just under 18 pounds making it one of the lightest portable tree stands out there. Thanks to its light weight it is very easy to strap on to a backpack and maneuver it through the forest. Not only does the weight make it easy to carry, but it also makes it much easier to set up as well.

Speaking of setting up the Guide Gear Tree Stand, the easy setup is another part we really like about this model. It features 2 great tree attachment loops that are made of high grade material and can be tightened simply by turning the levers. This makes it much easier to set up that most other tree stands that use a bunch of ropes and harnesses; all you have to do to attach it to the tree is to tighten the loops around it using the ratchet feature and you are good to go.

There are also 2 cables which go from the post to the foot platform to make it even safer. Plus this thing is made of solid metal and has a powder coated aluminum finish that can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight, rust and corrosion, and pretty much anything else that you could throw at it.

Of course we also love the Gear Guide Hang On Tree Stand because it can be set up in virtually any location that you can get to, not to mention that it has a padded seat and an extra-large hunting platform to make those long range shots just that much easier. If you don’t want any other tree stand that we have talked about then this is the one to go with!


Tips To Use A Tree Stand Effectively And Safely

Since we talked about tree stands for hunting it is also important to talk about using the tree stands safely and effectively. First off you want to set up the tree stand in a location that has a fair amount of foliage around it so that you will be camouflaged, keeping this in mind you also don’t want to be right in front of any branches.

Other than that the location of your set up all depends on what you are hunting, where you are, and what weapon you are using. Now let’s go over some safety tips.

    1. Always choose a healthy tree that will be able to support your weight. The tree should show no signs of rotting or root damage. The tree you put the stand in should also meet the requirements outlined by the instructions of the stand you got.
    2. Always use a high quality safety harness if you are going to be hunting from a great height in the tree. You should always check both the harnesses which attach the stand to the tree and the ropes which attach you to the tree in case of a fall.
    3. Make sure that the tree stand is securely attached to the tree and doesn’t moving before getting on it.
    4. Always use a haul line or a pulley system to get your gear up. Never climb up the tree to the stand with things in your hands or on your back, especially your bow or gun.
    5. Make sure you have the best binoculars that you can find, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high quality pair.

When it comes to the best tree stand for hunting any of the above choices that we talked about would make for fine additions to your hunting gear, especially our top pick. Just remember to be safe and always follow the proper instructions when mounting your tree stand.

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