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Archery is probably the best sport in the world because it requires both strength and intelligence to be successful at it. One thing that you definitely need to remain at the top in competitive archery or in hunting is a great bow sight. (The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight is our top pick) That is why we are here today, to talk about what different types of bow sights there are as well as our 6 best bow sights picks, not to mention our number one pick in terms of bow sights for 2017. Let’s get to it so you can make an informed decision on which bow sight you are going to purchase next.

Field Logic IQ 5
Trophy Ridge React
TRUGLO Archers Choice
Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro
HHA OL-5519

Our Top Pick And Best Rated Bow Sight

Here is our favorite bow sight and what we personally feel is one of the best overall bow sights for 2017 in terms of quality/price/performance; You can check the current price here.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight


Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

This is in our opinion one of the best bow sights to consider at the moment. This thing has so many features that it’s hard to pick a starting point. The first really great feature about the Field Logic is that it has 5 adjustable pins that can be set to variable increments to make hitting targets just that much easier.

This also comes with a great built in sight level to simplify things even more. This particular bow sight also features micro adjustable knobs for windage and elevation. One of the great parts about all of the adjustable features is that they don’t require any tools to adjust and it can all be done by hand. Another really neat part about the Field Logic is that it features patented retina lock technology that tells the user if they are torqueing the bow in a wrong direction.

This technology also offers instant feedback and engages and controls your muscle memory, form, and consistency to increase the accuracy and range at which you can shoot at. The Field Logic IQ is definitely one of the best bow sights to consider at this moment.


6 More Of The Best Bow Sights For 2017

1. Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Sight

best bow sights reviews

This is another really good sight that is available for bows. Perhaps one of the best features about this bow sight is that unlike most other sights available today, this one is built for both left handed and right handed use; that is not something that many other sights have so if you happened to be left handed then this sight will not cause you any issues.

Another really neat feature about the Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Sight is that it is fully adjustable in terms of elevation and windage to make accuracy and distance much easier to achieve. This sight of course has 5 different pins and each one of them is easily adjusted to compensate for differences in distance; each pin stands for a specific range so you can be confident in your shooting.

The 5 pins in the Punisher are also easily replaceable on the go when you are out hunting to make things much easier, but that shouldn’t usually be a problem because it has a specially designed pin guard. This is a really great bow and if you don’t feel like getting our top recommended one then this one definitely makes a great runner up.

You can check the current price here.

2. TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight

This is also a really great bow sight to have in your arsenal because it makes shooting accurately much easier than ever before. One of the reasons as to why this is such a great sight is because it can be adjusted for 11 different brightness levels to make shooting easier during the brightest days and the darkest nights too, which is great for people who like to go hunting in all kinds of conditions.

The brightness settings come in combination with a brightly illuminated green LED aiming point to make those long shots just a little easier to make. The TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight also comes with yardage tape so you can easily keep track of your previous shots and help you compensate for distance changes from one shot to the next.

The TRUGLO is also really great because it has an adjustable slider sight to fit everybody’s needs, not to mention it also has a micro adjustable feature to change the windage and elevation. This bow sight makes for a great sight for any user, mainly because it can be easily adjusted for both right and left handed people. This bow sight would definitely make any top 10 best bow sights lists today!

You can check the current price here.

3. Trophy Ridge Pusuit Site Vertical Pin Sight

This is a great bow sight choice for any beginner and for experts too. One of the best features is that it has a 100 percent aluminum construction to make sure that it is durable and built to last.

Another neat feature about the Trophy Ridge Pusuit Site Vertical Pin Sight is that it has absolutely no metal to metal contact to make sure that your windup is as smooth and quiet as possible. This sight also features a great low light indicator tape to make shooting in low light conditions much easier. A really great part about the indicator tape is that each pin sight level has third axis adjustability.

The vertical pins in the sight are also highly adjustable to make sure that you can make very precise adjustments to compensate for different conditions and for shooting various distances. The Trophy Ridge also has a fantastic Rheostat sight light included so you can read it much easier to make your shooting much more accurate. This sight is a fantastic choice for any bow shooter and it’s great because it comes in at a lower price than most other bow sights.


4. Trophy Ridge 5 – Pin Bow Sight

The Trophy Ridge 5 Pin Bow Sight features patented Smart Pin technology that allows you to easily adjust the distances on the 5 pins to make your accuracy as good as it is ever going to get. All you have to do to get this bow centered and perfectly calibrated is to sight both your 20 and 30 yard pins using the windage and elevation micro adjustable knobs that require no tools to change.

After you have sighted the first 2 pins the rest of the pins adjust automatically for further distances thanks to the smart pin technology. Another absolutely fantastic part about this particular Trophy Ridge model is that it is made out of Ballistix copolymer that is 25 percent lighter than aluminum but has even more strength and durability. Another really important aspect that comes with this bow sight is that it has a special soft touch coating to reduce vibration and make your shooting much steadier.

The Trophy Ridge also has a reversible mounting bracket for higher and lower points, not to mention that it has multiple mounting holes for greatly increased aiming versatility. This is also a really great bow sight because both left handed and right handed people can use it.


5. Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight

This is a really great choice for any archer that is one the market for a new bow sight because it has some neat features that will make your shooting much easier. The Apex Gear Covert Pro Sight is great because it has micro adjustable knobs for windage and elevation that don’t require any tools to change.

The windage on this bow sight is easily fine-tuned and can be adjusted on both the second and third axis. This bow sight also features a great rear facing sight tape with an indicator pin so you can make adjustments for various shooting distances and outdoor conditions. The indicator pin also features special gravity line technology that causes the pin to move with gravity to make shots as accurate as possible.

One of the best features about the Apex Gear Pro Sight is that is easily adjusted with one hand so you don’t have to put it down on the ground and can easily be manipulated on the go. Something that makes the shooting a bow with sight even easier is the illuminated aiming point so you can make a good shot in various light or low light conditions.


6. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

The HHA Optimizer Lite Bow Sight might just be one of the best in our opinion, that is of course beside our top recommended one, but this one definitely comes very close. The main reason for this great rating is the fact that it comes with a ground breaking yardage dial that allows the user to make yard by yard adjustments to the sight to quickly compensate on the go.

It’s also a really great sight because it has technology that allows you to sight just the 20 yard pin and the 80 yard pin and the other pins will take care of themselves. The pins are also really great because they have a mechanical rheostat light to adjust pin brightness depending on the light level.

The HHA Optimizer Lite 5500 Sight is also really great for archers of all sorts because it only weighs 9 ounces to make sure that it’s light and easily handled. All of the adjusters are easily changed by hand and the windage and elevation knobs are micro adjustable for quick adjustments on the go. This bow sight also features patented ds tapes and a mathews harmonic damper to make shooting easier than ever before. The HHA is definitely one of the best choices on the market today.


Types Of Bow Sights

Fixed Pin Sights

Fixed pin sights are the most common kind of bow sights and perhaps the most popular as well. Fixed pin sights usually have between 3 and 5 pins. Each of these pins can be set for a particular distance with the lower pins being for the farther distances and the higher pins for the shorter distances. You can adjust the range of distance on the pins yourself, although common distances include 20, 30, 40, 50, and 75 yards, that is for a 5 pin bow sight anyway.

All you have to do to sight these is to sight the 30 yard pin and then make adjustments in even increments for the lower and higher ranges. Setting up the pins to the desired distances does take some trial and error to get right, but once you have done it a few times it becomes a lot easier. What can also be said is that depending on the various distances you are shooting you can get customizable fixed pin sights to add more pins to make your archery much easier; most bow sights also feature an easy to add or remove pins feature. These fixed pin sights are very reliable and easy to use once they have been set up properly and make for a number one choice due to their great accuracy.

Moveable Pin Sights (Single Pin)

This type of sight is another really popular choice because it can be easily adjusted from one shot to the next. The moveable pin sight usually only features one single pin that moves and needs to be changed after each shot in order to compensate for distance.

These sights have a system of brackets and levers to easily move the housing up and down to change the distance of individual shots. Moveable pin sights also have a counter or a spot for tape at the rear that is market with distance increments so you can perfectly align your shots; all you have to do is to move the pin to the desired marked distance get the best shot possible. You can adjust the pin to any distance you want and can have as many distance increments marked as you desire.

These kind of sights are quite easy to use, but since they only have one pin, if you are shooting at unknown distances that haven’t been marked yet you need to be good at estimating distance. All of that being said some people don’t like movable pin sights because the knobs that you need to use to adjust the pin often get in the way of a standard mounted bow.

Pendulum Sights

These types of bow sights are a little less common but they are used by people who like to shoot out of tree stands. The reason that these sights are preferred by people who shoot out of tree stands is because the specially designed vertical pin helps to compensate for gravity on downhill shots.

Shooting downwards out of trees or shooting downhill can result in the arrow landing high of the target due to gravity as well as the difficulty to estimate the distance when elevated. The way this sight worked is by having a pin on a mounted pendulum that automatically swing back and forward depending on how much you tilt it; this is how it helps to compensate for gravity and elevation.

One thing that needs to be said is that pendulum sights are not very ideal or shooting long distances or shooting across flat distances which is why some of them actually have secondary fixed pins for horizontal shooting. For anybody who shoots out of trees or from uphill would definitely be happy with a pendulum sight.

3D Competition Sights

The 3D competition sight is usually not used in hunting and is only used for competitions. This is because they are quite large, complex, and quite expensive too. Some 3D sights can cost upwards of 4 or 5 hundred dollars. These sights have specially designed micro adjustable knobs for elevation and windage that allow for increased accuracy. The target sights in a 3D competition ball are also usually much larger than with any other type of sight.

Even though these bow sights are quite expensive and also very complex, they are in all probability the most accurate sights on the market. The 3D competition sight is usually able to mount various different sight types for optimal versatility, generally being able to include aiming points like single pin, a scope style sight, a laser sight, or several other choices.

These are the most accurate sights on the market due to their high accuracy and ability to make adjustments for virtually any condition that a professional archer could be faced with.

Final Thoughts

So there it is. We have given you all of the information that you need to get your next great bow sight. You can of course go with any of our top 6 best bow sights of 2017 or you can even go with our top recommended choice, the Field Logic IQ. The choice is up to you, but if you are going for your next bow sight then you should definitely choose any of the 7 that we have talked about here.

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