9 Great Deer Hunting Tips

Deer hunting is a great sport because it lets you get some fresh air, play with guns, and of course put some dinner on your table too. Finding that deer and making the kill shot is something that can be very difficult. There are some tips that you need to follow if you want to be successful on your deer hunt. Follow them closely and enjoy your hunt!


One of the best tips we can give you when it comes to deer hunting is to always hide your scent as much as possible. Deer have great noses and if they smell you they will most likely bolt in the other direction. Before a hunt always shower with scent free soap or don’t shower at all because the scent of soap is just as bad for hunting as your own smell. Also don’t wear your hunting clothes on the trip to your hunting destination because they will pick up the smell of your car and home.

Keep the clothes sealed in a bag with some leaves and dirt to give them a natural scent, also wash them with unscented detergent. If you are really set on masking your smell you can even take a good roll around in a pile of dirt or on some grass. There are also special odor eliminators that you can buy which can be sprayed on yourself and the area in which are hunting in.

The Wind

Even though you may have covered up your scent as much as possible, deer still have great noses and may smell you, therefore you need to be sure to be downwind from the area in which you wish to attract and shoot a deer. Being downwind will ensure that any scent you still have will not flow towards the deer and scare it away.


An important thing to keep in mind when hunting deer is to stay elevated. One of the reasons to always be higher up than your target deer is because even if you haven’t done a good job at hiding your scent, if you are high up above the deer, your smell will most likely stay above the deer.

Another reason for this elevation is because deer have pretty decent eye sight and if they see you they will run. Being higher up decreases the chances of a deer spotting your because they rarely look upwards into trees as they don’t have any natural predators that hide in trees, that is except for us of course. Being elevated will also help you make the shot easier thanks to the effects of gravity.

Your Tree Stand

Keeping in mind what we said about your elevation when hunting, the best thing to do is to use a tree stand. You want your tree stand to be between 15 and 25 feet up the tree, but no higher and no lower. Having the tree stand too low will defeat the purpose of having a tree stand, but being up to high ill make getting in and out of the stand difficult. It’s not the difficulty of getting into the tree stand that’s really the problem, it’s the fact that you will make a lot of noise the higher you have to climb, and the more noise you make the further away the deer will run.

You also need to make sure to wear a harness in the tree stand because a fall from 20 feet up can cause injury or even be fatal. You should also set up your tree stand a few days before you go hunting or even before the hunting season begins. This will ensure that the deer don’t notice anything new or out of place; give them a few days or weeks to get used to the tree stand.


Of course you want to stay out of sight as much as possible and yes a part of this is utilizing a tree stand, but you will also want to cover the tree stand with a tree stand blind and even some sticks and foliage. It is also best to wear forest oriented camouflage so that you blend into the environment.


Another great way to attract deer to your hunting location is to use doe or buck estrous. Which one of these you use will depend on the season. If it is rutting season your best bet is to use a drag rag and soak it in doe estrous. Place the rage near your hunting stand or in a place where you wish the deer to be attracted to so you can shoot it.

Bucks will definitely be attracted to the female scent during rutting season. On the other hand, if it is not rutting season a buck will most likely not be attracted to the scent of a doe. In this case you can actually try using buck estrous or scent as that may attract other bucks.

The Deer Call

Using a deer call can be one of the easiest ways to attract a deer or at least to locate one. Keep in mind that the season of the year will dictate which deer call to use. If it is rutting season you are going to want to use a doe call to attract the males. They will definitely come because their hormones are telling them to get busy and mate with the female deer. However if it is after rutting season a buck will most likely not be attracted to a doe’s call and you may have better luck with a buck call.

The Scrape

Bucks like to scrape away leaves or bark off of trees with their bodies to both itch themselves and to mark territory. Therefore if you find a buck scrape chances are that there are deer around. If it is winter time and there is snow on the ground you would be wise to look for deer prints and areas here they have tried to remove snow to find food.

The Shooting

When shooting in wet conditions use a piece of electrical tape to cover the muzzle to stop moisture from getting into the barrel because of course that is no good. Make sure that your scope is properly sighted because you’re only going to get one shot and always aim for the head or chest as a leg shot won’t kill a deer and will make it run away, thus forcing you to track it down.


If you follow all of these general tips you should have no problem finding and shooting a deer. Always keep proper shooting etiquette and safety in mind as well. Enjoy!

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